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Real 1 Realty, South Barrington, IL, Arboretum

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are My Fees?

  • $19 per month
  • $275 for your first closing of the month
  • $50 for every closing after the rest of the month

That's it! No Annual Fee, No Sign-On Fee, No E&O Insurance fee, etc...


You also keep 100% of the Broker CC Fee (-$300) and you keep any Office/Admin fee on your Listings!


A $300,000 sale at 2.5% earns a $7,500 commission, plus you keep the $300 Broker CC, Plus you keep the $295 Admin/Office fee = $8.095. If this is your 1st closing of the month you pay Real 1 Realty $275, if it's your 2nd (or more) closing you only pay Real 1 Realty $50

(Charging your seller an Office/Admin fee, or the other Broker a CC fee is optional and not mandatory. If you charge it, you keep it!)

Real 1 Realty has created this perfect business model for your success!

Ready to join?

Can I work Part-Time?

Absolutely. It does not matter if you sell one or fifty homes a year.

Can I Negotiate Listing Commissions with my clients?

Yes. You determine the total commission on your transactions. You have the freedom to make that decision. Your business, your commission!

What if I have listings with Real 1 Realty and want to switch to a different Brokerage. Do I keep my listings?

Yes. No hassle, no additional fees! Any listings under contract will continue to close with Real 1 Realty at the normal low transaction fee. You will get paid in the same 48 hours as any other agent. Any listings that are not under contract can be terminated with your client's permission.

Question: Isn't nice to hear a common-sense policy if you have to transition regarding your listings

When Do I Get Paid? How do you pay?

You will get paid 48 hours after we receive your complete closing package and we confirm your paperwork is compliant. We pay by ACH direct deposit or by company check. Our free electronic transaction software makes this easy!

Also, every agent can download our free banking app to instantly deposit closing checks!

How About Signs and Business Cards?

All Real 1 Realty agents must use our Brokerage name and logo on all promotional marketing materials. We will provide you with all the necessary design files for your business cards and signs.

Can any agent In Illinois Join Real 1 Realty Brokerage?

Yes. Any agent can join as long as they are licensed in Illinois and are in good standing.

Does R1R provide a professional office and conference room if I have to meet a client?

Yes. Real I Realty has a beautiful retail location in the Arboretum of South Barrington that provides open office space and a conference room to meet with your clients. Also, as an agent of Real 1 Realty, you will receive up to 25% off Shops and Restaurants in the Arboretum.

What about my current "Corporate Broker" name recognition". I've been told I need that to be successful.

This is the biggest misconception that Brokerages with high commission splits have told their agents for years. If you haven't figured this out already, you will quickly learn that your clients are hiring you because you are Awesome, not because of your Broker's logo.

How much is the Real 1 Realty transaction fee if I get a referral fee?

The Referral transaction fee is only $50 for any referral fee $500 or above. Any amount under $500 is only 10% of the amount.
Example: If your referral fee is $3,000 you would pay a $50 transaction fee. If your referral fee is $300 you would only pay 10% ($30).

Why Should I Switch To Real 1 Realty?

Technology has made it possible for agents to be more efficient by working remotely. There is no reason to give tens of thousands of dollars for a printer, fax machine or a cubicle you rarely use. Use that money for marketing yourself and generating more leads. Now is the time to leverage yourself to be the most profitable in Real Estate. Be smart, make your Real Estate Business grow in profit.

How hard is it to transition from my current Broker to Real 1 Realty?

Very Easy! You can log into your IDFPR account and move your Brokers License in two easy steps. You no longer have to meet with your current Managing Broker to sign off on your license.

*We do realize transitioning to a new company can appear stressful, but it doesn't have to be. Schedule your appointment today and learn how to have a simple conversation with your current Managing Broker to make a smooth transition. Plus, if your current Brokerage will not release your listings we have some simple tips to negotiate a smooth transition.

ready to join!

About Real 1 Realty

As the Real Estate industry rapidly changes from agents belonging to a Large Corporate Broker, to a more Agent-Focused industry. Real 1 Realty was created to empower ALL agents to grow their business more quickly by keeping higher profits to have more money for personal marketing. Combining this with several common-sense company policies that keep the focus on the hard-working agent.